Each study is reviewed by two referees. If their recommendations are contradictory, a third referee will be consulted, for another recommendation. Dependent on the received recommendations, the editorial board will decide to publish/reject the study, or they will suggest changes to be made by the author/authors for the improvement of the submitted study.


     The manuscript of a submitted study should have approximately 15-20 pages in the A4 format, with margins of 2,75 cm. The text is to be written by following the orthographical rules of the language that was chosen by the authors, and it will be sent to the editorial staff, both in printed and in an electronic format.
     The body text of the manuscript has to be typewritten using the Word processor, with Times New Roman 12-point font, with a 1,5 line spacing. All tables and figures (object format) are to be named and numbered (with a reference in the body text of the study: e.g., Tabel x; Fig., or Figure x). Footnotes must be written single spaced, with a Times New Roman 10 point font.
     The manuscript has to be accompanied by an abstract in English. The abstract, written with a Times New Roman 10 point font, has to be no longer than 250 words and it has to be placed at the beginning of the study, after its title, the author’s, or authors’ name and their institutional affiliation. The English translation of the title is compulsory.
     After the abstract, there are to be placed at least five key words in English.
     Manuscripts submitted for the “Scientific and Debates” section have to be no longer than 10 pages, typewritten in the same way as the studies.
     Editorial staff receives recently published (in the past five years) works for reviewing, or written reviews, having at most five pages.
     A manuscript  has to be accompanied by a short  presentation of its  author/authors (scientific titles, institutional affiliation, the areas of scientific interest, contact address)
      The authors are entirely responsible for the originality of their studies.

Citation rules