THE ANNUAL Review (Yearbook) OF THE
"George Baritiu" HISTORY Institute -


“The Annual Review (Yearbook) of the «George Barižiu» History Institute in Cluj-Napoca, Series Humanistica, was founded in 2003, as a publication of the Socio-Human Research Department.

This publication comprises five sections:

  • “Studies”, which covers theoretical and empirical studies from the following scientific areas: sociology and anthropology, psychology and sciences of education, philosophy, economics and law;

  • Scientific Opinions and Debates;

  • Restorations (unpublished manuscripts and/or less known studies from the above-mentioned scientific areas);

  • Reviews;

  • Scientific Events, a selective repertoire of the annual scientific activity of the researchers from the Department.

The Annual Review is addressed to researchers, teaching staff, professionals in Social Sciences and Humanities. The journal publishes studies in Romanian, English, French, or German.

All the studies received by our editorial stuff are scientifically reviewed. 

The Annual Review (Yearbook)  is included in international scientific databases such as CEEOL, EBSCO and Ulrichsweb.

ISSN 1584-4404